The music that will be played is the music you select. When you book an event with
me, you will need to inform me of the music you will allow. I have an extremely large
selection of music, and can please almost everyone's musical desires. Here are a
few selections for you to see the variety of music I offer.
The 50's was the birth of Rock and Roll as we know it today.
The nation learned to swing and move their hips in a whole
new way. My 50's selection consists of artist like: Elvis,
Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets and Fats Domino
just to name a few. It'll be a walk back in time when listening
to all your favorites as a kid.
The Music You Will Hear
Rock and Roll was Being Defined
The 60's were full of many big names. We saw Elvis take
the title 'The King' and other names emerged: Jerry Lee
Lewis,  Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and
Chubby Checkers. This was a time when dance evolved
even further. Think you can still dance like that...let's try.
The 70's can easily be defined as the age of Disco. A few
names in my selection from this time are: The Village
People (YMCA), Gloria Gaynor (I Will Survive) and The Bee
Gees (Jive Talking and Stayin' Alive). These are sure to get
you up and move your feet to that 'groovy' beat.
Chubby Checker's Dance Revolution
Do You Know How to do the YMCA?
Music Selection
DJ with TJ
About the Music
My music selection is extremely
large and up to date. Within the
last year I have updated my
sound system, and now have all
my music on a laptop. This
makes finding that one song
you've been wanting to hear so
much easier and quicker to find.
All my music is from the original
CD which ensures the sound
quality is everything you
remember it being.
When anyone mentions the 80's, all you ever see mentally
is big hair and painted faces. The 80's brought us great
names and beats such as: Duran Duran, The Police, The
B-52's, Def Leppard, Aerosmith and AC/DC. There are just
too many to list here, but I think you get the drift. When we
get into the 80's it will make you 'Wanna Rock-n-Roll all
The 90's were full of pop, rap and alternative hits. Some of
the artist in my selection from this time period are: Vanilla
Ice, MC Hammer, Tone Loc, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam,
Nirvana and many 'Boy Bands'. This is a big majority of my
music selection and I cannot list all the big names.
From Country music to Rap music, the beats are getting
faster and making everyone come out of their own shell. I try
to keep my music up to date in all genres. It is impossible to
have every single song that is produced, but I stay up to date
so that everyone can hear at least one song that they love.
The Age of Big Hair and Flashy Clothes
Line Dances and Livin' La Vida Loca
Everyone is Wanting to 'Get Low'